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e-Seminars for Non-US Companies

Export compliance training that is convenient, flexible, and budget friendly...sent directly to you.

The impact of United States Export Regulations and associated issues vary depending on the physical location of a company (within the United States or outside of the United States).  Consequences for non-compliance are significant in either case. The following comprehensive training options have been specifically developed for companies physically located outside of the United States.  This would include non-US companies outside of the US, as well as parents, subsidiaries and affiliates of US companies in foreign locations. View customer reviews.

e-Seminars consist of the PowerPoint presentations shown at our live events alongside videos of our current live seminar faculty of John Black, Scott Gearity and Felice Laird. Our e-Seminars are broken down into 1-1.5 hour modules that can be started, stopped, or paused at anytime. Simply click the play button to resume the e-Seminar where you left off making it easy to view between interruptions. e-Seminars are delivered to customers via USB drives that are shipped at no cost to the customer. e-Seminars are pre-approved for CLE credits!

This seminar series provides both novice and experienced export compliance professionals with an in-depth education on export control regulations administered by the US Departments of State, Commerce & Treasury.

Available e-Seminars:
(for companies located outside of the US)

EAR/OFAC Commercial & Military Export Controls & Embargoes for Non-US Companies


ITAR US Defense Trade Controls for Non-US Companies


Package of Both EAR/OFAC & ITAR for Non-US Companies