Export Acronyms

Acronyms are coded as EAR (Export Administration Regulation), ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations), FTR (Foreign Trade Regulations) or OFAC (Office Foreign Assets Control) regulation related.  Acronyms that apply more generally are not coded. 

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AES                Automated Export System (FTR)

AGR               Agriculture (EAR license exception)

APO                Air Force Post Office

APP                 Adjusted Peak Performance (EAR license exception and computer control parameter)   

APR                Additional Permissive Reexports (EAR license exception)

AT                   Anti Terrorism (EAR reason for control)

BAG               Baggage (EAR license exception)

BIS                  Bureau of Industry and Security

CAS                Chemical Abstract Service (EAR)

CB                   Chemical Biological (EAR reason for control)

CCL                Commerce Control List (EAR)

CCATS           Commerce Classification Automated Tracking System

CBP                US Customs and Border Protection

CFR                US Code of Federal Regulations

CIV                 Civilian (EAR license exception)

CTP                 Composite Theoretical Performance (EAR license exception and processor control parameter).

DCS                Destination Control Statement (EAR)

DTC                Defense Trade Control (DTC)

DDTC             Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (ITAR)

DoD                US Department of Defense (ITAR/EAR)

DPL                Denied Parties List (EAR)

DSP                Department of State Pro Forma (ITAR)

DTSA              Defense Technology Security Agency (ITAR/EAR)

EAA                Export Administration Act (EAR)

EAR                Export Administration Regulations

ECCN             Export Classification Control Number (EAR - CCL export classification)

ECO                Export Compliance Officer

EEI                  Electronic Export Information (FTR)

EI                    Encryption Item (reason for control)

EMS                Export Management System (EAR)

ENC                Encryption (EAR license exception)

EPCI               Enhanced Proliferation Control Initiative (EAR proliferation rules)

FCPA              US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

FPO                 Fleet Post Office

FMS                Foreign Military Sales (ITAR)

FPPI                Foreign Principal Party in Interest (FTR)

FTR                 Foreign Trade Statistics Regulations

FSC                 Facility Security Code

GBS                Group B Shipments (EAR license exception)

GC                  General Correspondence (ITAR)

GOV               Government (EAR license exception)

HPC                High Performance Computer (EAR)

HTS                 Harmonized Tariff Schedule (FTR)

ICP                  Internal Control Program (ITAR)

IEEPA             International Emergency Economic Powers Act (EAR and OFAC)

ISO                 International Standards Organization

ITAR               International Traffic in Arms Regulations

ITN                 Internal Transaction Number (FTR)

IVL                 Individual Validated License (EAR)

LO                   Licensing Officer (EAR/ITAR/OFAC)

LVS                Low Value Shipments (EAR license exception)

M&A               Merger and Acquisition

MLA               Manufacturing License Agreement (ITAR authorization)

MOD               Ministry of Defense

MT                  Missile Technology (reason for control)

MTCR             Missile Technology Control Regime

NDA               Non-Disclosure Agreement

NB                  Nota bene (EAR)

NES                Not Elsewhere Specified (EAR)

NLR                No License Required (EAR)

NS                   National Security (EAR reason for control)

NSG                Nuclear Suppliers Group (EAR)

OEE                Office of Export Enforcement (BIS)

OEM               Original Equipment Manufacturer

OFAC             Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)

PCFC              Political Contributions, Fees and Commissions (ITAR)

PM                  Political Military (ITAR)

POA                Power of Attorney

PPI                  Principal Party in Interest (FTR)

RFQ                Request for Quote

RPL                 Replacement (EAR license exception)

RWA               Return Without Action (EAR/ITAR/OFAC)

SDN                Specially Designated National (OFAC)

SED                Shipper’s Export Declaration (FTR)

SCL                 Special Comprehensive License (EAR)

SCO                Special Compliance Officer (ITAR)

SNAP-R          Simplified Network Application Process – Revised (EAR)

SS                    Short Supply (EAR reason for control)

STELA            System for Tracking Export License Applications (EAR)

SW                  Software

TAA                Technical Assistance Agreement (ITAR authorization)

TCP                 Technology Control Plan (ITAR)

TD                   Technical Data

TLA                Three Letter Acronym (of which there are too many in export controls)

TMP                Temporary (EAR license exception)

TTCP               Technology Transfer Control Plan (ITAR)

TSR                 Technology and Software Restricted (EAR license exception)

TSPA              Technology and Software Publicly Available

TSU                 Technology and Software Unrestricted (EAR license exception)

TWEA             Trading with the Enemy Act

USG                United States Government

USML             United States Munitions List (ITAR)

USPL              United States Person Libya (EAR license exception)

USPPI             United States Principal Party in Interest (FTR)

VEU                Validated End User (EAR)

WT                  Weighted TeraFLOPS (EAR measure of computer performance)

XP                   High Performance Computer (EAR reason for control)

XTN                External Transaction Number (FTR)