ITAR Seminar Agenda

Where can I attend this seminar?

Day 1**

Registration: 8:00 AM
Program: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Overview of US Export Controls

  • US Export Control Policy & Primary Regulations (ITAR/EAR/OFAC)
  • Key Governing Agencies & ITAR Compliance Resources

ITAR Controlled Activities

  • ITAR Controlled Activities
  • Technical Data Releases to Foreign Persons & Defense Services
  • Temporary Imports, Reexports, Retransfers
  • Prohibited Countries & Ineligible Parties

ITAR Controlled Items with Exercises Workshop

  • Jurisdiction: ITAR vs. EAR; Definition of “Defense Article”
  • The New US Munitions List
  • ITAR “Specially Designed” and the Order of Review
  • Special Classification Issues & Commodity Jurisdiction Determinations

Technical Data with Exercises Workshop

  • ITAR Technical Data Export Definition
  • Software Directly Related to Defense Articles
  • Public Domain Issues

Registration and Empowered Official Issues

  • How to Register with the DDTC; Registration-Related Issues
  • Considerations for Designating “Empowered Officials”

ITAR License Exemptions with Exercises Workshop

  • What are Exemptions? / Excluded Items & Countries
  • Public Shows; Temporary Exports/Imports Exemptions
  • Technical Data Exemptions; Allies Maintenance Exemption
  • Canada, UK & Australia Exemptions
  • US Government Exemptions; Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Exemption

ITAR Licenses

  • Licenses vs. Agreements
  • The Art of the License Application
  • D-Trade / DSP-5 Applications
  • Marketing Licenses & Foreign Person Employee Licenses
  • License Amendments

**timing and order of presentations subject to change

DAY 2**

Program: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

ITAR Agreements with Exercises Workshop

  • MLAs / TAAs / Warehouse & Distribution Agreements
  • Agreement Application & Agreement Guidelines
  • Drafting the Scope of Agreements
  • Dual/Third Country National Employees
  • Signatory vs. Sublicensee
  • Technical Information
  • Hardware in Furtherance of an Agreement
  • Government Review Process & Checking License Status (ELISA)

ITAR Administration, Documents & Shipping

  • Shipping & Export Documentation
  • Working with Agents:  Freight Forwarders & Customs Brokers
  • Temporary Licenses
  • Federal Trade Regulations (FTR): Parties, Routed Transactions, Transaction Types
  • AES: Filing Electronic Export Information (EEI)
  • Wait Times & AES Responses
  • Schedule B & HTS Classification
  • Technical Data License & Agreement Administration
  • Certification Requirements, Reporting Requirements & Amendments

ITAR Compliance Programs

  • Building an Effective Compliance Program / Training
  • Licensing vs. Compliance; Who is Responsible?
  • Written Programs & Procedures / Recordkeeping Requirements
  • Hand-Carried Shipments / Special Issues for Tech Data & Software

Export Control Reform & Recent Developments

  • ECR and Existing License/Agreement Transition Rules
  • Categories VII, XV and XIX Further Changes
  • Category XII Final Rule
  • Changes to Important ITAR Definitions and Other Recent ITAR Developments
  • Changes to Country Policies

Special ITAR Issues with Exercises Workshop

  • Brokering: Requirements, Registration, Prior Approval & Reporting
  • Political Contributions, Fees & Commissions
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

ITAR Enforcement

  • Enforcing Agencies: US Customs & Border Protection
  • Enforcement Methods, Fines & Penalties
  • What Constitutes an ITAR Violation?
  • Personal Liability for Civil Penalties
  • Subpoenas, Investigations & Voluntary Self-Disclosure Considerations
  • Case Studies:  Recent Enforcement & Audit Actions

**timing and order of presentations subject to change