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Interactive Best Practices Workshop

A Tale of Two Companies:  Interactive Workshop

You have existing compliance procedures, and you have gotten a lot of advice.  Now, you will have a chance to work with your peers and our industry experts to benchmark your compliance program as you work together to develop best practices and compliance procedures for a hypothetical company.  Guided by the workshop instructors, you will have a chance to work in your team with your industry colleagues to look at two very different types of companies and decide on a comprehensive plan to implement new policies, procedures and practices, or revise existing procedures to ensure effective compliance for the business.  

Best practices are dependent on many factors, such as industry sector, company size and company organization. A best practice for one organization may not be a best practice for another.  For example, whether you do a monthly denial list screening of ten thousand parties or twenty-five parties would have a direct impact on the best practice for screening procedure.  As your team works together to create best practices for a hypothetical company, you will learn how others approach compliance and gain from the experiences of the instructors and your peers.  Ultimately, this workshop will help you to benchmark your compliance procedures and learn where you might make potential enhancements to the best practices for your organization.

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