Export Enforcement Reality Check

Complicated and burdensome rules and your fast growing and changing international activities force you to recognize one unfortunate reality:  Nobody’s perfect when it comes to export compliance.   You are going to have violations, and since they are bound to happen, you need to know what to do when they occur.  We have assembled the perfect program for when you face those inevitable violations. 

First, one of the top US Government officials responsible for enforcing US export controls will bring you up-to-date on current US Government areas of focus and concern. 

Next, a leading private sector attorney will give you step-by-step analysis and instruction on what to do when you discover a suspected violation from the standpoint of a private sector advisor with government enforcement experience. 

Finally, you will participate in an interactive export enforcement workshop where you will work with your peers to chart the best course of action as you deal with real-life violation scenarios. Ultimately, you will leave this invaluable workshop with the ability to competently handle the toughest of compliance challenges in your own organization -- fully armed with knowledge and practical advice from a variety of experts.

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